fire prevention forum 2017


Fire Prevention Forum 2017

fire prevention forum 2017 – The Safety Expo, in this second edition, grows and surprises, shapes, informs and trains professionals, urges participants’ attention on topical regulatory issues, fascinates with innovative shows, and convinces with the latest market news.

With 4,500 attendance, 130 sponsoring companies and strong involvement of institutions, 10 conferences with the highest representatives of the Institutions, 50 training courses developed by the Istituto Informa and Aifos, 8 focus of deepening and 20 workshops realized by the technical partners.


A great success in terms of attendance and involvement!


The certifications obtained over the last 27 years, the technical skills acquired by the company to its national and international customers, are the result of years of work and persistence in achieving different goals, great care in detail and quality, pay particular attention to the safety of your staff. The documented experiences of our specialized staff make the r